WinList New Features

These are the latest features added to WinList.

WinList 9.0

This is a major version update with many new features and enhancements.

Regions, gates, and statistics

arrowbullet.gif Contour regions

Contour regions have be enhanced so that they automatically update as the data beneath them changes. These regions feature a user-defined probability level and can also automatically move with data.

arrowbullet.gif Sticky regions

This is cool new a feature that allows vertices of adjacent regions to stick to one another, making a seamless boundary between the regions. As a common vertex is moved, it affects all of the regions that share it. A great tool for fitting regions together tightly.

arrowbullet.gif Parameter statistics

WinList now computed parameter statistics for gates using the Gate Statistics dialog. Select the parameters and statistics that you want to compute and the program will add them to the Gate Stats display. Values can be added to database and reports, too.

arrowbullet.gif Highlight-this-region

Here is a new coloring mode that allows you to see where the events for a given region are in all other dot plots. The events can be enhanced with increased size and blinking, making it easy to find those small populations event in noisy plots.

arrowbullet.gifImprovements have been made to auto gating capabilities of regions. Regions can now position themselves based on the mean, median, or mode of the data beneath them, or of the data in the histogram.

arrowbullet.gif Performance has been greatly improved for large, complex protocols with many regions and gates.

arrowbullet.gif Alerts

We've enhanced alerts so that they can now be defined to compare any two values that WinList stores as keywords. For example, you can now compare the number of events in two regions as the alert condition.

arrowbullet.gif Robust statistics

SD (rSD) and CV (rCV) statistics have been added, using the interquartile range method for computation.

arrowbullet.gif The database wizard has been enhance to work with results windows and the gate statistics window. It provides a quick and easy way to add all of the results as fields to a database.

Calculated Parameters

arrowbullet.gif New t-SNE parameter

t-SNE is a method for clustering and dimension embedding. We've added a new calculated parameter that implements Laurens van der Maaten's clustering algorithm known as t-SNE: t-distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding. This is a great tool for finding related events in multidimensional space and displaying them in 2D space. See for more info on the background of this routine and have a look at this youtube video of a google tech talk:

arrowbullet.gif The dialogs for creating and editing calculated parameters have been greatly simplified.

arrowbullet.gif The resolution for calculated parameters can now be set independently for each parameter. There is no longer a common resolution of 1024 forced for each calculated parameter, so the natural range of the parameter expression can be directly controlled by the user.

Compliance Mode

arrowbullet.gif Compliance Mode

Support has been added for using WinList in "Compliance mode", which is designed to assist labs with regulatory requirements. In this mode, Windows user groups are set up to specify the permissions each authorized WinList user has. The program performs additional logging of user actions, and requires the user to confirm the Windows login when the program starts up.

arrowbullet.gif Logging has been enhanced to provide better support information for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

arrowbullet.gif WinList now computes a cyclical redundancy check (CRC) value on the FCS files it reads. Some FCS files contain a CRC value that allows WinList to verify that it has read the file correctly. This CRC value can be reported and databased to help support regulatory documentation requirements.


arrowbullet.gif The V-Comp app

V-Comp - a new stand-alone app - can now be launched directly from the Compensation Toolbox in WinList. V-Comp setups can be opened directly into WinList, and the V-Comp app can be easily launched to create additional setups.

arrowbullet.gif WinList now supports " label-specific " compensation setups created by V-Comp. These setups allow the program to use the best compensation match for any antibody-fluorochrome combination.

arrowbullet.gif Compensation Review mode

This option changes all transforms to Linear and zooms histograms to the 95th-percentile of the data. This is a great tool for evaluating compensation in single-color controls - you will really see how well your compensation is working.


arrowbullet.gif New log-like transforms - Hyperboline Sine and V-Log - have been added. These provide several advantages over the HyperLog transform, maintaining evenly-spaced decades.

arrowbullet.gif Linear to log is now quick as pushing a button. For FCS files that do not provide hints about log transformations, you can now switch linear parameters to your favorite log-like transform with one click.

arrowbullet.gif Log-like transforms now support decades between 0.0 and 1.0

arrowbullet.gif Linear transforms now support displaying negative values.


arrowbullet.gif File Export improvements

WinList now supports sampled output, as well as merging of compatible FCS files.

arrowbullet.gif The Save button on the Home tab (or toolbar) can now be set up to function in 3 separate modes: as a Save (no dialog) button, as a Save As (with dialog) button, or as a Save Bundle (with dialog) button. The behavior is controlled by the "Save Button" setting in Options->Preferences->Miscellaneous. When the button is configured to Save Bundle, the Open button will also default to opening a bundle.

arrowbullet.gif Histogram subtraction enhanced

Subtraction settings are now saved in protocols and restored when a protocol is re-opened. We've also added the Mann-Whitney U Test and Area-Under-Curve (AUC).

Bug fixes

arrowbullet.gif In some cases it was not possible to create a new Compensation Page from the Compensation Toolbox. This could happen if a data source had 2 or more pages plus the Compensation page, and one of the other pages was then deleted. Corrected. (mz, 8Oct2015)

arrowbullet.gif When reading integer FCS data files, WinList could incorrectly interpret data with resolutions that were not powers-of-two. As an example, the Time parameter in Stratedigm’s SE520EXi files has a resolution that relates to the duration of the acquisition, and WinList did not correctly read or display the Time parameter. This has been corrected. (vsh, wl-75, 6Aug2015)

arrowbullet.gif On some computers, WL could crash when dropping an Overlay window onto a report. This has been corrected. (ks-rpci, 21Aug2015, wl-68)

arrowbullet.gif The program did not correctly display parameters that were stored as log-encoded data values in the FCS file and then viewed as linear. This has been corrected. (dh, 3Jun2015)

arrowbullet.gif 1P regions that were turned off for coloring did not redraw correctly when the size was adjusted. This has been corrected. (bh, 24Jun2015)

arrowbullet.gif When histogram or result window "Remote" scripts to other apps took a long time to complete, the user interface gave no indication that it was waiting for the script to finish. The user was able to manipulate virtually anything, include opening a new file, while waiting for the script to complete. This could cause the program to crash or display data that was out-of-sync. The interface is now disabled during Remote script processing and an hourglass cursor is displayed. (ab, 17mar2015, wl-25..29)

arrowbullet.gif Index Analysis plots would cause the program to crash if the selected parameter had a lower range ($PnR) than the number of (rows x columns) in the plot. This has been corrected. (mcgill, 25mar2015, wl-30)

arrowbullet.gif For some older file types, WinList used to detect log-encoded parameters based on the name of the parameter including "LOG". This logic interferes with newer file types that are actually stored as linear but have "LOG" in the parameter name. Logic has been revised to address this to work correctly for both old and new file types. (cb, 26mar2015, wl-31)

arrowbullet.gif When reading a file from network or removable media, WinList could crash if the file became inaccessible during the read operation. The program now gracefully stops reading and alerts the user to the problem. (cp, 6apr2015, wl-36)

arrowbullet.gif If a non-WinList compensation file was selected in the Open Compensation dialog, the program would crash. This has been corrected so that the user is alerted that the file is not the expected type. (dd, 7apr2015, wl-39)

arrowbullet.gif The Export Histogram Data could fail if the histogram being saved had events that fell on the upper axis. This has been corrected. (jh, 13apr2015, wl-43,44)

arrowbullet.gif If a histogram was "temporarily inactive" because of missing parameters, and it was edited, the program could crash if the user then chose to undo that edit. (jh, 13apr2015, wl-42)

arrowbullet.gif In some cases where the number of files in a batch "group" was greater than 1, the program could create a non-fatal error that would render batch processing inoperable until the program was restarted. This has been corrected. (wl-11, am, 28Jan2015)

arrowbullet.gif Export of listmode files did not remap all parameter keywords from the source file if only some of the source file parameters were selected for export. This created mismatches in voltage, gain, and several other keywords. Corrected. (wl-19, bh, 13Feb2015)

arrowbullet.gif If parameters are enabled for compensation and Auto-Comp Each File is set, parameters could remain enabled for comp in a new file that does not specify compensation for them. Revised code now explicitly turns off any parameters that are not specified in the spill keyword. (wl-18, cb/bh, 23Feb2015)

arrowbullet.gif Macro Toolbox limits file names and paths to 79 characters. Logic has been revised to handle full file path and name lengths for the toolbox. (wl-22, dh, 2Mar2015)

arrowbullet.gif The program could crash during replay after acquisition if one or more histogram displayed dots and contours, and the packet size was smaller than the file size. Corrected. (jh, 3Jul2014)

arrowbullet.gif Using the Create Region Array on a 1P histogram to create a single region caused the program to crash. This has been corrected. (mp, 24jul2014)

arrowbullet.gif If a macro tool button is attached to a macro file and that file no longer exists, the program would crash when the macro button was clicked. This has been corrected. (ap, 21Aug2014)

arrowbullet.gif Cascade gates did not work correctly when gating with a region whose name was contained by another region in the target histogram. For example, if gating from R11 onto a histogram that contained R1, the system would fail to build the new cascade gate expression. This has been corrected. (dh, 21nov2014)

arrowbullet.gif The program could crash if Spots are defined on a file, and then a new file is opened which has fewer parameters than the original. Corrected. (ml, 1Dec2014)

Earlier versions

WinList 8.0

WinList 7.0