WinList 8 New Features


arrowbullet.gif Introducing fully-automated compensation set up with V-Comp!

We've developed a new way to set up compensation that only requires the user to select the single-color controls and an unstained control. No trace-line adjustments, no gates to position - it's hands-free comp set up that is fast and very accurate. The system can also optimize HyperLog transforms.

We call it Verity Comp, or V-Comp for short. Click the "V-Comp Wizard" button on the AutoComp tab of the compensation toolbox to try it out.

arrowbullet.gif If the compensation dialog is set for "Auto-comp each file", it no longer prompts for confirmation when you open a file with a different number of parameters. It will automatically re-initialize the compensation based on the new file. (mm/rs, 20Dec2013)

arrowbullet.gif If AutoComp is enabled and the user adjusts a trace line, a notification is shown to the user. The notification also allows the user to turn off AutoComp. (dh/bh, 16Sep2013)

arrowbullet.gif The AutoComp tab of the Compensation Toolbox has been reorganized. It now includes a field that shows how the current compensation was set up: "No compensation", "AutoComp from keywords", "V-Comp compensation", or "User-defined compensation". (bh, 10Sep2013)

arrowbullet.gif The Trace Lines list on the Setup tab of the Compensation Toolbox now only shows entries for parameters that have been enabled for compensation. (la, 11Sep2013)

arrowbullet.gif Several unused or unneeded options have been removed from the AutoComp tab of the Compensation Toolbox. These include the Compensation Database options and the Auto-activate checkbox. (bh, 28Aug2013)

arrowbullet.gif N-Color Compensation has been enhanced to detect and ignore invalid compensation matrices. (cmb/bh, 18Dec2012)


arrowbullet.gif WinList now has a new window type specifically for overlays.You can create overlays of 1p or 2p histograms, control the order and graphics, and select different viewing modes.The new window has more options than were offered by MultiGraph overlays.

To create the new window type, choose "Overlay" in the Create menu.Drag and drop a histogram onto the overlay to add an element.All elements in the overlay must be compatible with the first element added. For example, if the first item added is a 1p histogram showing a HyperLog axis with a low value of -200 and a high of 262144, all other elements in the overlay must also be 1p with a matching axis.

Elements in the overlay can be re-ordered by dragging rows in the overlay's legend.A right-click context menu provides access to most of the actions that can be performed on the overlay.Overlays can be added to reports, printed, saved as graphics, and copied to the clipboard.(vsh, 10Dec2012)

Reports and MultiGraphs

arrowbullet.gif Several performance enhancements have been made for drawing large MultiGraphs.(pw/bh, 5Dec2013)

arrowbullet.gif MultiGraph context menus now include "Save as Graphic" and "Export to PDF" commands. (bh, 3Dec2013)

arrowbullet.gif MultiGraph drawing on screen is now faster than previous versions, especially for MultiGraphs with elements that have lots of dots.(pw, 25nov2013)

arrowbullet.gif Show All Results and Show All MultiGraphs now restore result and MultiGraph windows to the size and locations they used before they were hidden.(bh, 19Jun2013)

arrowbullet.gif The Save MultiGraph Graphic option in the File menu now offers additional file formats for the graphic, including jpeg, png, tiff, and gif.(rb, 22Jan2013)

arrowbullet.gif The Save MultiGraph Graphic dialog now points to the folder for MultiGraphs by default. The folder for MultiGraphs is now editable in the Wildcards and Pathways dialog. The name of the file to be saved is now based on the name of the MultiGraph. (ml, 23Oct2012)

arrowbullet.gif Conditional area objects on Reports can now be used to tile objects in a number of ways. The context menu for a conditional area has 3 new entries: "Tile objects RxC", "Tile objects to fit", and "Scale objects to fit". The first command tiles the objects that overlap the container using the number of rows and columns defined in the properties of the container.Tile object to fit will find the best arrangement of rows and columns to fit the objects into the conditional area object. Scale to fit will maintain the same relationship of objects that are contained by the conditional area, scaling them to fit into its confines.(iCyt 1.5.5, 19Jun2012)

arrowbullet.gif Tiling commands and properties have been removed from the Report object.They are now available in the Conditional Area object of the report. (bh, 20Jun2012)

arrowbullet.gif Reports now support multiple-selection of objects for moving and deleting.(bh, 24Feb2012)

Regions and Gates

arrowbullet.gif The region context menu now has a "Color this region only" option.When enabled, the coloring for the selected region is the only color used (except for "ungated" color).This allows you to quickly check back-gating, identifying where the region's events appear in all other plots.

arrowbullet.gif Create (Insert) Region Array now works much faster when creating large region arrays.This should eliminate "not responding" messages from Windows. (wm, 18Nov2013)

arrowbullet.gif The handle for moving a region label is now drawn with the color of the gate that it relates to best. (bh, 9Oct2013)

arrowbullet.gif The X and Y linear values for region vertices can now be edited by double-clicking the vertex. Note that linear values may be rounded when exiting the dialog.(jj, 11Jul2013)

arrowbullet.gif The Region context menu now includes a "Links..." command that displays the Edit Region Links dialog box with the region selected in the list.(bh, 3May2013)

arrowbullet.gif The Gate Statistics window now uses the "Alias" in the Edit Data Source dialog instead of displaying the file name.This allows users to customize the text of the Gate Statistics window (and gate legend on reports).The default alias for data sources is "[FILE]", which is editable in Preferences->Data Sources->Alias.The alias has also been added as a field that can be databased or displayed on reports.(be/la, 1May2013)

arrowbullet.gif When a region was deleted by dragging its label off the left or bottom of the histogram, recreating the region could put the region's label in an invalid location.New logic now puts the region label in its default location when recreating a deleted region. Similarly, region labels are on-scale when undoing a region deletion that was done by dragging it off the left or bottom.

arrowbullet.gif Logic has been added to update the gating hierarchy after edits are made in the Edit Gate dialog, as well as when regions are modified.This corrects situations where manually editing gates caused the hierarchy to be represented incorrectly in the Gate Statistics window.(dh/bh, 12Dec2012)

arrowbullet.gif Region labels now only display the "move label" handle when the region or the label is active. The move label can still be selected, even when not visible.(vsh, 9Oct2012)

arrowbullet.gif Auto-adjusting 1p and 2p regions can now adjust to capture the lower or upper percent of the histogram. Two new choices appear for the Auto Position Method: Include lower percent, Include upper percent.(bh, 7Sep2012)

arrowbullet.gif The statistics shown in region labels are now independent of the alias for the region. Preferences and region dialogs have been modified to allow independent display of region name, alias, and a selectable statistic.WinList interprets and upgrades protocols created with previous builds to use the new region label properties.(iCyt 1.7.10, 5Jul2012)

arrowbullet.gif Gates can now be set on multiple histograms at once.Multiple-select the histograms by Ctrl-clicking the title bars.Then use either the cascade gate tool or the gate tool on the histogram toolbar to choose a gate for the selected histograms.(iCyt 1.6.2, 19Jun2012)

arrowbullet.gif Freehand drawing of 2p regions now results in smoother regions.(bh, 16Apr2012)

arrowbullet.gif The region context menu (right-click on region label) now contains a command to initiate cascade gating. This allows the region to be used for cascade gating even when the histogram is too small to show the region's cascade hot spot.(la, 26Mar2012, iCyt 1.7.5)

arrowbullet.gif Region vertices are now moved when the user changes the transform (linear, log, HyperLog) to maintain approximately the same position on the data. (bh, 22Mar2012, iCyt 1.7.7)

arrowbullet.gif The Edit Regions dialog has been revised to use a table format instead of a simple list. (la, 14Mar2012, iCyt 1.7.11)

arrowbullet.gif The mouse scroll wheel can now be used to inflate and deflate regions. Move the mouse inside a region and scroll up to inflate, or down to deflate the region. (vsh, 13Mar2012)


arrowbullet.gif Logic for coloring of 1P histograms in gate hierarchy mode has been improved to handle histograms with "No color subsets" selected in the graphic properties.(dh/bh, 10Dec2013)

arrowbullet.gif Index Analysis histogram and regions:

A new type of histogram window allows low-resolution classification parameters to be viewed in a 2 dimensional grid of wells. The intended use for this Index Analysis histogram is for well index parameters from plate sorting experiments, but we expect there are other uses as well.

The Index Analysis histogram displays a filled circle for each index location that contains one or more events.If more than one event falls in the same well location, a pie chart is used to show the colors of those events.

The Index Analysis histogram can be gated with any gate.

Regions can be created on the Index Analysis histogram. These regions, called "groups", define a set of well locations.The elements do not have to be adjacent wells.

Gates can be applied to Index Analysis windows, and gates defined in the Index Analysis can be applied to traditional histograms.

arrowbullet.gif Histograms now have "Make bigger" and "Make smaller" entries in the context menu.These commands map to the "+" and "-" key when the histogram is selected.The commands increase or decrease the size of the histogram window by 50% for quick resizing up and down. (iCyt 1.7.2, 20Jun2012)

arrowbullet.gif When a histogram is reduced in size so that the axis would take more than 25% of the space, the axis and fonts scale down automatically.This only affects the display of a histogram window on the screen; it does not affect reports, MultiGraphs, or printing.(la, 20Apr2012, iCyt 1.7.3)

arrowbullet.gif Histograms on Reports now honor the "Keep square" histogram preference when resizing. This restriction can be temporarily turned off by holding the Alt key down during the move/size. (la, 19Apr2012, iCyt 1.5.3)

Performance and Usability

arrowbullet.gif Automatic recovery and crash reporting

We've designed a new automatic backup/recovery system that includes built-in crash reporting.The system will save a copy of your protocol into "My Documents/WinList 3D/AutoRecover" every 2 minutes by default.A Miscellaneous Preference "Auto-Backup Protocols" determines how often the backup is created.This system is currently disabled in acquisition mode.If the program closes normally, the auto-recovery files are deleted. In the event of a crash or power failure, WinList will check the AutoRecover folder on next start-up and allow the user to recover from the last auto-save.

Integrated with this system is a new crash reporting system that creates a ZIP file with information that Verity can use to pinpoint the crash location in the software.The Crash Reporter will offer to send a crash report to Verity, as well as to restart WinList if it crashes. Users can choose whether to include the FCS file and WLX protocol with the crash report. Crash reports are saved into "My Documents/WinList 3D/CrashReports".(bh, 18Apr2013)

arrowbullet.gif When WinList finds WLX files in the AutoRecover folder and the user chooses not to review those files, the program will now ask if the user wants to delete the files in the auto-recover folder.If the user chooses "Yes" to this second question, all WLX files in the AutoRecover folder are deleted.If the user chooses "No", the files are left in the folder. (dtm, 12Jun2013)

arrowbullet.gif Protocol bundles now open and save faster. (bh, 24Jl2013)

arrowbullet.gif Protocol bundles can now store FCS files larger than 4GB.(bh, 24Jul2013)

arrowbullet.gif WinList now gracefully closes out when the user logs off the computer or Windows is shut down.This is required for Windows 8 compatibility.(bh, 12Jul2013)

arrowbullet.gif WinList displays the 10 most-recent protocols/bundles in the Ribbon Bar's "Recent Protocols" list. This list is shown in the File menu (with the WinList icon on the left).(bh, 8Jul2013)

arrowbullet.gif This build of WinList will use the Ribbon Bar interface by default (and it will announce that). Use Options->Preferences->Miscellaneous to change between ribbon bar and toolbar interface.A restart of WinList is required after switching modes.(bh, 5Jul2013)

arrowbullet.gif The program now displays a confirmation dialog when the user selects "Delete" from the Histogram context menu, allowing the user to cancel the deletion.(bd, 5Jul2013)

arrowbullet.gif The batch toolbar is now displayed for batches of 1 or more files.Previously it was displayed when there were 2 or more files.(bg, 9Jul2013)

arrowbullet.gif There are several changes in the Edit Data Source dialog:

We removed the "New File" button. This functionality is handled by Get Next File or batch processing.

If a change is made in the Add Parameters or the Dataset dialogs, the Edit Data Source dialog is automatically closed.This change was made because these two actions typically require the system to update everything.Editing other aspects of the data source is not safe until after the update. These changes were made to address several instabilities that arose from allowing edits to the different systems found in the Edit Data Source dialog.(bh/rf, 18Dec2013)

arrowbullet.gif There are changes in the Names and Resolutions dialog (found in Edit Data Source).

The ability to edit the edit and lock the log bias for each parameter has been removed. If log bias is enabled (in the compensation toolbox), all parameters involved with compensation have the same log bias applied. Once again, we highly recommend that users move away from using log bias at all.(bh, 17Dec2013)

arrowbullet.gif The Batch button on the Home ribbon tab is now a splitter button.By default, it executes the Create/Edit Batch command.There are also commands for Next Batch and Previous Batch to allow navigation using the button.(bg, 11Jul2013)

arrowbullet.gif We have added logic to handle Guava FCS files with invalid keyword/value formatting.In addition, we no longer try to read keywords from the ANALYSIS segment of FCS files.(bh, 12Jun2013)

arrowbullet.gif You can now protect histograms from being accidentally deleted.Use the Edit Data Source dialog to enable the "Protect histograms" property.With the property enabled, all histograms on the data source are protected against user deletion.The setting is also saved in a protocol or protocol bundle. (ms, vi 1352, 30jan2013)

arrowbullet.gif Logging has been revised so that it can create larger (even unlimited) logs. A property has been added to determine the size limit, and the program checks this limit when it starts up and when it leaves the Edit Properties for Logging dialog.When the log file reaches the size limit, it is renamed based on its modification date and time to preserve the log.

The log file now stores the newest entries at the end of the file to improve performance when logging is enabled.

There are now 2 logging modes: Basic and Debugging. More detailed information is stored in Debugging mode.

arrowbullet.gif Improved performance of FCOM calculated parameters and regions placed on FCOM histograms. (wm/bh, 22Mar2013)

arrowbullet.gif Macro recording now supports creating histograms by clicking and dragging. (rf, 29jan2013)

arrowbullet.gif Macro support has been added to allow recording and playback of selecting gates via the histogram toolbar. (jb, 25jan2013)

arrowbullet.gif Logic that fixes up FCS keywords in Beckman Coulter FC-500 files has been enhanced to work with more FC500 files.This allows auto-compensation to work and for parameter names to be pulled from dataset 1 in more cases.(bh/cmb, 20Dec2012)

arrowbullet.gif A new option has been added to Miscellaneous preferences for loading preferences from bundles.The new option is "Use bundle preferences".This works like Prompt for preferences, except that no prompting is done. With either of these settings, keep in mind that the preferences that are being loaded can change the setting of the setting.In order for these settings to work optimally, all protocol bundles you save should have the preference set the way you want it.(wr, 5sep2012, vi 1331)

arrowbullet.gif Pressing and holding the Esc key will now cancel a macro without the Macro Status dialog showing.(dh, 12Jul2012)

arrowbullet.gif There is a new "Quick Next File" dialog box that can be used for the Next FCS File command.

The new dialog has the advantage that it selects the next (or previous) file in the list, making it quicker to process a sequential list of files.To use the Quick Next File dialog, display the Preferences dialog and select "Data Sources".The "Next File dialog" property allows you to choose the "Windows file dialog" or the "Quick file dialog".(ml, 10Jul2012)

arrowbullet.gif When the region font preference is edited, existing regions now update their fonts to match the new preference. (bh, 5Jul2012)

arrowbullet.gif When using "Open FCS File" or "Next FCS File", you can now select a WinList bundle. WinList will extract FCS file(s) from the bundle and allow it to be read into the current analysis setup.(la, 18Apr2012, iCyt 1.4.6)

arrowbullet.gif Histograms in the Data Source window can be multiple-selected for moving, sizing, editing graphics, and adding to reports. To multiple-select, hold down the Ctrl or Shift key while clicking histogram title bars. To unselect, click on empty space in the data source window. To move the group, drag the hatched selection area. To size the group, drag one of the outside handles of the selection area. To edit the graphics, right click on a selected histogram and choose "Graphics". To add the group to a report, right click and choose Add to Report.To move or copy to another page, right click and choose Move or Copy to Page. To delete the group, right click and choose Delete.(bh, 19Mar2012)

arrowbullet.gif XML Import:

You can now provide supplemental keyword information to WinList for the FCS files you analyze.In Preferences->Data Sources, you will find an "Import Keywords" option.Select one of the import options, and WinList will look for an XML file associated with each FCS file it reads. It can look for the XML in the same folder as the FCS file, or in some other folder you specify. The XML file must be named the same as the FCS file, with ".xml" appended to it. WinList looks for the file when it reads an FCS file, and it parses the information in the file. Keywords are added to the Keyword tree so that you can display the information on reports and in databases. (hv, 8Mar2012)

Sony Plug-in

arrowbullet.gif SY3200: Several protections have been added to region computation logic to prevent issues with regions created or modified during sort operations.(ru, 31Jul2013)

arrowbullet.gif Sony: The file counter is now updated properly when edited in the Edit Acquisition dialog. (bh/jh, 15Nov2013)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200: Additional logic has been added to determine whether valid device data has been received from Haps Control prior to writing protocol files. (bh/jh, 18Jul2013)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200: Color density plots now reset correctly during acquisition. (bh, 24Jul2013)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200: After acquisition of very large files, WinList became unresponsive and the user interface did not update. This has been corrected. (bh/jh, 24Jul2013)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200: WinList now transmits sort information anytime it transitions from "W" mode into monitor or acquire via the toolbar buttons.(ja/bh, 26Jun2013)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200: Several error checking routines have been added to ensure protocols are written and read properly. (bh, 15jan2013)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200: WinList now prevents the user from closing it directly when running in acquisition mode. The program is closed automatically by HAPS Control when that app shuts down. (la, 11Jan2013)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200: Sort stream assignments are now stored in protocols.When protocols are opened, the sort stream assignments are automatically sent to HAPS control.(la, 15Oct2012)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200 preferences has a new property, "Monitor Mode Events", that determines the number of dots for 2p/3p plots and the area for 1p plots when monitoring.Individual plots can still have customized settings for number of dots to display. When the preference is changed, all plots update to the new preference value. (iCyt 1.7.9, 17Jul2012)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200: The Edit Sort dialog has been revised to be sort-stream-centric instead of gate-centric. Each sort stream is listed once.A gate can be assigned to each stream.(bh/la/jh, 12Jul2012)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200: Additional performance improvements for monitoring and acquisition. (1.2.1, bh, 14jun2012)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200: A quiet alert appears if transformations are edited during monitor/acquisition to allow the user to edit the sort gates. (dm, 12Jun2012)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200: A quiet alert appears if logging is enabled when the system starts monitoring, giving the user an opportunity to turn logging off to improve performance. (bh, 14jun2012)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200: Significant performance enhancements have been made in acquisition and real-time dot drawing.(bh/cmb, 31May2012)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200: The Connection Manager has been removed.All feature selection decisions are now made in Haps Control. (la, 18May2012)

Bug fixes

arrowbullet.gif Sony Bug fix: Under some restricted circumstances, it was possible to click the "X" to close a histogram window as the Edit Histogram dialog was getting ready to display, causing the program to crash.Protections have been added to prevent this problem.(bm, 20Dec2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: The program crashed when drawing a Contour region on a 2P plot that had very few events.Corrected. (bg, 18Dec2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: Several fixes were made to support reading macro-based protocols created by WinList version 5 and 6.(dh/bh, 12Dec2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: An FCS file with an invalid creation or modification date would cause the program to crash in the course of opening it.Code has been added to detect and protect against this problem.(pw, 13Dec2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: In the Edit Region Links dialog, if the mouse was clicked in the region listbox but not on an item in the list, the program crashed.Corrected. (bhd, 10Dec2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: Protocols that were based on 10-bit data files showing log could incorrectly show the parameters zoomed in histograms.This occurred when the histogram contained regions and an active link for the histogram was part of a report.Corrected. (dh/bh, 10Dec2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: If a histogram name contained a forward slash "/", macro playback of region creation and region moves failed. This has been corrected.(pw, 2Dec2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: If "Enable cascade gating to create and adjust gates" was enabled in Edit Gates, and a region file was opened from disk in the Edit Regions dialog, the gates were redefined as the region file was read.This created problems for any custom gates that were edited by hand.The corrected logic does not modify gate expressions when region files are read from disk.(pw, 11Nov2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: Macro playback of region moving and sizing did not put the region label in the correct location. This has been corrected.(pw, 18Nov2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: The 3D isometric contour display did not show populations correctly in color-by-hierarchy mode if several subsets had the same gate color.This has been corrected.(dh, 22Nov2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: Color of some color subsets in 1P histograms was unexpected in some uses of Color-by-gate-hierarchy, especially when some colors were set to "no color".This has been corrected.(bd, 27Sep2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: In the Edit Color By Hierarchy dialog, the Ungated gate was allowed to have "no color" assigned to it.This is no longer permitted; every event must have a color associated with it. (bh, 27Sep2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: The program did not handle memory allocation failures for 2p dots properly.This has been enhanced to provide a more robust response during low memory conditions. (dh, 4Oct2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: Arrow heads are now drawn correctly when larger line weights are selected. (dh, 17Oct2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: Corrected a crash that could occur if the user clicked the close button ("X") on the main window while the program was reading a large protocol file.(ap, 2Aug2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: Buttons on the macro toolbox are now blocked if a modal dialog is open or the program is in the process of opening or writing a protocol. (bg, 6Aug2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: If preferences were set to "Autocomp each file" and the user adjusted the compensation manually after reading a file, a saved protocol would not display the data with the adjusted comp settings.This has been corrected so that when the protocol is loaded, WL uses the compensation that was in place when it was saved.(bh, 23Aug2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: WinList did not correctly interpret the $SPILLOVER keyword for FCS3.1 files.Corrected. (bh/cb, 26Jul2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: The program could crash when reading some older protocols with 1P histograms containing regions. Corrected.(jw, 12Jun2013)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200 Bug fix: WinList would go into an infinite loop and eventually crash if a transformation was set to HyperLog and Auto-adjust was enabled when connected to Haps Control.The program now ignores Auto-adjust when connected to a Sony/iCyt instrument. (rc, 13Jun2013)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200 Bug fix: If an acquisition is terminated by clicking the "W" button (entering Winlist mode), the program could crash when closing out or when opening a new protocol. It could also leave several temporary files on the disk.This has been corrected.(bh, 26Jun2013)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200 bug fix: If the user clicked a button on the SY3200 toolbar while WinList was writing out the final acquisition file, the program could crash.This has been corrected.(ru, 14May2013)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200 bug fix: If the program was set to continue monitoring after an acquisition, it could crash.This has been corrected.(bh, 14May2013)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200 bug fix: The program could crash if the user stopped an acquisition before it completed.This has been corrected.(bh, 15May2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: In some cases when opening protocols, region label statistics did not update if the region was over no events.The label would update as soon as the region contained events. This has been corrected.(jh, 30Apr2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: When a compensation page was added and deleted, the program did not display the correct number of pages, and recreating the compensation page did not work correctly.Fixed. (be, 6May2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: The page buttons on the data source toolbar did not update correctly when a page was deleted. Corrected.(be, 6May2013)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200 bug fix: A crash could occur when displaying 2 or more 2P histograms containing a "classification" feature during monitor or acquisition.This has been corrected.(jh, 3Apr2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: If a calculated parameter (Add Parameter dialog) referenced another calculated parameter in its expression, the program crashed due to an overrun.Corrected. (bh/dh, 5Apr2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: When displaying low-resolution parameters such as "Event Classification", the program did not correctly dither the highest values.Instead, the values were clipped to resolution-1. This has been corrected.(jh, 19Apr2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: When batch processing with one data source window, the program did not correctly pause after each batch file if multiple outline levels were created in the batch. This has been corrected. (dh, 23Sep2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: After making edits in the Quantitation dialog, the program could appear to hang if there were a large number of regions.This has been corrected.(bh, 28Mar2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: WL crashed when creating a region on a "Moflo Astrios" file with parameter resolutions of 4,294,967,296. Corrected. (dh, 25Mar2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: The macro status dialog will be moved onto the visible portion of the screen if all or part of it is out of view when the macro starts running.(vi 1353, 30jan2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: Macro playback of the Save Data Source command and dialog did not work correctly. This has been corrected. (bh, 5Feb2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: In certain cases, if an NStat region label was moved and then clicked, the region would be repositioned incorrectly.This has been corrected.(dm, 8Feb2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: For protocols with very large numbers of regions, changing the transformation for a parameter caused the program to appear to hang while processing the change.The failing example contained 1041 regions.This has been corrected.(wm, 8Mar2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: Some cascade gating scenarios (especially back-gates) caused the gate hierarchy to be incorrect. Logic has been enhanced to allow back-gating, while maintaining the hierarchy. (bh, 21Mar2013)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200 Bug fix: In some circumstances after a WL crash, ISB files would not open correctly.A warning was displayed indicating that the protocol was designed for a different number of parameters. This has been fixed.(jh/la, 16jan2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: When running a macro to create a histogram, WinList created an invalid "undo" action. If the user selected "Undo" after running the macro, the program would crash. Corrected. (dr, 21Jan2013)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: In some cases when an edge vertex for an NStat was moved, WL did not correctly compute the number of events in related sub regions.This has been corrected.(ap, 29Oct2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: A crash occurred if a gate file was opened from disk and it contained more gates than the number currently defined for the data source.(bh, 31Oct2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: The file open/save dialog did not handle files with long names properly. This has been corrected. (bh/dh, 06Dec2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: When gate aliases were edited, an extra set of keywords remained in the keyword list until a new protocol was loaded. Corrected. (dh, 13Dec2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: Strings containing "&" did not display correctly in some report objects. (dh, 14Dec2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: If batch toolbar was docked to top of app and a protocol was opened with minimized data source windows, the data source windows would be moved off screen. Corrected. (dm, 6sep2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: Scale To Fit in the Window menu now ignores data source windows that are minimized. (dm, 6Sep2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: Corrected a graphics issue where events on a HyperLog axis were not properly displayed if they fell on the lowest HyperLog channel.(bh, 6Sep2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: Double-click on an NStat region label did not create results when preference was set to do so.This has been corrected.(ml, 28Sep2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: The program did not always update the gate statistics and event coloring when a region referenced by the gate was deleted.If the gate is set to be "On" (instead of "auto-activate"), this problem would occur.Corrected. (dtm, 24Aug2012)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200 Bug fix: files were being written with a value of "0.0" for $PnE.It should be "0.0,0". This has been corrected.(jh, 24Aug2012)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200 Bug fix: Logic has been added to ensure that keywords generated during acquisition are not duplicated. In previous builds, two versions of the same keyword could be added, differing only in the case of letters.(jh, 24Aug2012)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200 Bug fix: Region flicker during monitor/acquire has been eliminated. (jh, 23Jul2012)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200 Bug fix: When switching from Acquire to Monitor mode, an error message was displayed and the program switched to WinList mode.This has been corrected.(bh/cb, 20Jul2012)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200 Bug fix: When drawing freehand regions during monitor/acquire, sometimes region segments disappeared until the region was completed.Corrected. (jh, 20Jul2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: When loading a protocol with fewer regions defined than the current protocol, the database did not remove the region fields for the missing regions.This bug was introduced in 7.1.1, and it has now been fixed.(dy, 31Jul2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: The ApplyRegion macro command would fail if the new region already existed in another histogram. This has been corrected. (rf, 21Aug2012)

arrowbullet.gif SY3200 Bug fix: Regions would flicker in monitor and acquisition mode.Corrected. (la, 16Jul2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: A text object on a histogram could cause a crash if the histogram was too small to display and it had a linked object on a report.Corrected. (cmb, 16Jul2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: Corrected logic that finds the next unused gate in the process of cascade gating.The previous logic inappropriately selected an active gate in some cases. (bg, 17Jul2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: In macro playback with "echo off", the Edit Regions and Edit Gates dialogs could cause other windows to be raised in the z-order, on top of WinList.Corrected. (pw, 27jun2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: The Edit Gate dialog did not properly playback a macro to apply a gate to a histogram if the histogram name contained a comma.(pw, 24May2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: Create Region Array took a very long time to complete for large arrays.This has been corrected, and a status window now shows the progress.(wm, 1Jun2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: When processing a multi-level batch, the Pause command did not properly enable the "Continue" button on the batch toolbar.Corrected. (bh, 2Apr2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: Quantitative results were incorrect with 7.1.1 for FCS2 data files with log-encoded data. Median, mode, and low/high statistics did not reflect quantitative units.(al/bh, 5Apr2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: When 2p region vertices were shown and a user chose to display fewer than "all" vertices, the region resize handles were not always accessible and resizing was unpredictable.Corrected. (pw, 13Apr2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: When using a preference file that was saved with "Inverse Palette", drawing new regions failed to use the correct color for region lines and text.Corrected. (pw, 16Apr2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: The first file acquired via the SY3200 plug-in was missing $BEGINSTEXT and $ENDSTEXT keywords. Corrected.(jh/dm/bh, 2May2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: WLB Bundle files were corrupted if they contained FCS files greater than about 2GB in size. This has been corrected.(dm, 14May2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: The "Automatically adjust gate equations..." checkbox in the Edit Gates dialog was not properly restored when reading a saved protocol or protocol bundle.This has been corrected.(bh, 23Feb2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: Although there was no limit to the length of a gate expression, the gate compiler was using a limited buffer and imposing an invisible limit of 80.This limit has been eliminated.(bh, 23Feb2012)

arrowbullet.gif Bug fix: When a region was made very narrow or very short, attempting to resize using a middle handle did not work.In most cases, a new region was created.This has been corrected.(dm, 29Feb2012)

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