GemStone Licensing Options

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GemStone now offers flexible licensing to provide you with the best fit for your needs.

Start with a Primary Computer for $1850, add more computers @ $750 each. Each license is installed on one computer.

Start with the Network 2-User Starter for $2900, add more seats @ $1050 each. Licenses are installed on the network as a shared resource.

Start with the Network 2-User Starter for $2900, add more seats @ $1050 each.
For dedicated or laptop users, add Stand-alone computers @ $750 each.

Other Options

In addition to the traditional stand-alone and network licensing options, GemStone is also available in a metered-use “battery” option or in a subscription form.

With the battery option, there is a per-file charge for the data files analyzed by the software. The subscription-based license provides one year of unlimited use and can be renewed annually.

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We understand that each lab has its own, unique requirements. We can help you determine the best mix of network and stand-alone licenses for your lab to give you the most cost-effective and flexible access to GemStone licenses. Contact our sales team to get a personal quotation.

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