Objective and gate-free, GemStone™ will reproducibly analyze your data whether you are assessing maturation, performing functional studies, or enumerating rare or abnormal cells. Based on Probability State Modeling* technology, GemStone™ delivers scalable, biologically-relevant analysis well-suited for automated processing.

Whether you have 6 parameters or 60, GemStone™ can handle it. Try GemStone free for 30 days and see the difference.

*US Patent 7,653,509, EU Patent EP2183681

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  • Real applications

    B-cells, T-cells, CD34 stem cells, PNH, and on and on

    B-Cell and Stem Cell
  • Overlay plot

    Biology graphics that makes sense to anyone

  • Probability-based

    Take the guesswork out of defining boundaries

    Probability State Model
  • Meaningful numbers

    TriCom is more than just stats

  • Reproducible results

    Get the same answer no matter who does it

    reproducible analysis
  • Database of results

    Easily exports to LIS and spreadsheets

    database results
  • Free GemStone Reader

    Share your analysis with anyone

    gemstone reader
  • Batch

    Easy selection and advanced process control

    gemstone batch
  • Much more...

    • Striking graphics
    • Broad instrument support
    • Windows & Mac compatible


More Info

What is GemStone™?

GemStone™ allows for correlations among any number of parameters to be discovered, and eliminates subjective gating errors. Using Probability State Modeling, GemStone™ determines the most likely population of interest, or state, to which an event belongs. This is unlike a "clustering" program, which may leave the user still having to define the relevant populations. GemStone™ presents your data in simple-to-understand graphics, and automatically calculates important statistics.

Why is it better?

In addition to the objectivity gained with GemStone™ analysis, population overlaps in transitional and multi-dimensional data are accounted for. GemStone™ gives you the ability to test your results for statistical reliability. You can analyze multiple files to create an average model-accounting for normal variability between samples- with error bars. Multiple samples may also be combined into one coherent analysis, and the additional markers actually improve the analysis.

What assays can I use it for?

GemStone™ encompasses a powerhouse of applications. It is unprecedented for analyzing cell progressions and maturation patterns, such as B cell development in bone marrow or T cell activation, and for understanding the disruption caused by associated diseases. GemStone™ has been used for CD34 stem cell enumeration assays, determination of fetomaternal hemorrhage (FMH) and paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH), evaluation of sepsis, and analysis of minimal residual disease. In the research front, GemStone™ has shed new light on cell proliferation and tracking studies, cytokine activation in response to viral and other stimulations and multi-parameter cell cycle analysis. It is unprecedented as a discovery tool to uncover new relationships between markers. In many of these assays, GemStone™ can completely automate the process, resulting in highly accurate and reproducible results, while saving technician time in the process. If we haven’t done it before, let’s explore it!

What useful, unique and cool features does it have?

Use GemStone's batch system to do your data analysis, generate customizable reports, and populate an extensive database complete with custom equations and alerts. At the same time, generate high-quality graphics and save it all to the same or multiple folders completely automatically.

TriCOM™ is an innovative tool designed to enumerate and phenotype not only abnormal cell populations but stimulated or activated events like cytokine expression in functional studies. TriCOM™ will quantify all combinations of interest and then use animation to highlight events in the context of your data.

GemStone's Heatmap™ tool identifies low-frequency, rare events in a sample and allows you explore them in all measured parameters.

When can I get it?

Right now. Click here to order.

How will I use GemStone™?

Are you a GemStone Model Builder or a GemStone Analyzer, or Both?

GemStone™ is a completely new way to analyze flow cytometry and mass cytometry data. It challenges us to think differently about our science and uses a new set of tools. It does not use auto-gating; in fact, it does not use gating at all. We define populations using expression profiles to create simple, correlated and easily understood overlay plot graphics. You can add additional cell types to perform a comprehensive analysis of your valuable data. Once a template model is built it can be used to analyze a few related data files, or hundreds and even thousands of listmode files.

A GemStone™ Analyzer uses a defined model template, loads data files to the batch system, and clicks auto-analyze. GemStone™ does the rest. This is perfect for busy labs that do routine analyses (which can be automated) and frees technician time for more labor-intensive tasks.

A GemStone™ model builder can also be an analyzer, of course. But a model builder will design a model from the ground up, starting with raw data and a GemStone workspace. Using our tutorials, videos, help system, previous model examples, and real people here at Verity, you will be guided to build the right model for your application. We are always working on ways to make modeling easier and more intuitive. With a GemStone™ license, you will be part of this process. Personal workshop training is also available.

Technical support is an email or phone call away; let us help you! If you have a particularly complex application in mind we can consult with you to completely customize your project.

Want to learn more?

We offer regular training classes for those who want to become GemStone model builders. These 2-day sessions are a lot of fun and will give you an in-depth understanding of how to build models for your data, how GemStone works, and the possibilities for new applications. Contact us for details and scheduling.

Visit our online video library for how-to videos and to learn more about Probability State Modeling. The GemStone User Guide and get-started tutorials are available for download with a 30-day free trial for you to explore your data.