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Verity Software House was established in 1982 with a straightforward mission: to provide high-quality software for the analysis of DNA histograms and listmode data files. Based on state-of-the-art processing algorithms and firmly rooted in biological and mathematical principles, Verity:ModFit was introduced and was immediately recognized for its unprecedented accuracy and flexibility. Since that introduction, and in keeping with the traditions of powerful software with user flexibility built-in, Verity has since introduced revolutionary software programs for the comprehensive analysis of virtually all forms of flow cytometry listmode data. Verity was with you in the early days of flow cytometry, and will continue to produce the best software and provide the best customer support and education in the business.

Verity Software House is committed to providing the finest analytical software for the international flow cytometry community, to providing unequaled support for our customer base, and to maintaining the lead in recognizing new analytical approaches and developing the software to accommodate them. Flow cytometry software and support is not just our business - its our reason for being.

Who We Are

Verity Software House is a small company, but don't let that fool you; bigger is not necessarily better. We are able to respond quickly to shifting market priorities and to offer new and innovative solutions to the newer demands in the health care environment. We are able to develop a personal as well as a professional relationship with our customers. When you call Verity, you'll talk to someone who really wants to hear from you, and is committed to helping you find the solutions you need.

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And we've done more than simply write software! With scores of presentations, publications and chapters, and years of laboratory science and flow cytometry clinical and research experience, we are flow cytometrists who write software, not software gurus who dabble in flow cytometry. With long-standing memberships in ISAC (and SAC before that), we know your needs and interests, because they've been our needs and interests, too. At Verity, we speak your language.

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