General Certifications

Verity Software House was established in 1982 with a straightforward mission: to provide high-quality software for the analysis of DNA histograms and listmode data files. Based on state-of-the-art processing algorithms and firmly rooted in biological and mathematical principles, ModFit was introduced and was immediately recognized for its unprecedented accuracy and flexibility. Since that introduction, and in keeping with the traditions of powerful software with user flexibility built-in, Verity has since introduced revolutionary software programs for the comprehensive analysis of virtually all forms of flow cytometry listmode data.

Quality Management

Verity Software House operates under a fully documented quality management system. All processes performed by the company have been defined, and everyone in the company participates in on-going revision efforts to ensure the highest quality products are delivered to customers.

While Verity Software House has not been certified by an independent agency, ISO9000-certified corporations have rigorously audited Verity. The company has received superior ratings on all audits for its well-documented systems.

Software Development

Software development follows a very specific process at Verity. Well-defined processes and standard operating procedures have been developed. Verity maintains source control systems and backup systems to protect product source code. State-of-the-art networking and communications provide a solid foundation for quality software development.

Products are developed primarily in C++, with continuing evaluation of new languages.

All new products undergo rigorous beta testing by selected end-users and experts. Before releasing a new product or version, an exhaustive test suite is developed by the testing group. Software is fully tested and certified before it is released for manufacture.

Customer Support

Software problems are tracked with an advanced database system. The system is fully searchable, and is available to customer support personnel, as well as the programming team.

The database provides up-to-the-minute information on problems associated with each product, and provides linkages to customers for follow up support.

Verity’s customer support group has a well-deserved reputation for courteous and friendly support, and providing accurate information to customers. Customer support incidents are not closed until the customer is satisfied with the resolution.