Accuracy - Downloads


BrdU "Truth" Datasets

These datasets contain 2-parameter listmode files with BrdU and PI (DNA). They provide a great test for accuracy of single parameter DNA analysis. Here's the experiment:
Open each file into your favorite analysis application and identify cells in G0/G1, S-Phase, and G2/M using ONLY the DNA parameter. Then use BrdU to identify the S-Phase cells (elevated BrdU), and compare that answer with your S-Phase result from the DNA analysis.

Download BrdU/DNA Dataset
includes 15 data files, GemStone models to analyze them, and instructions.

3-Parameter "Progression" Datasets

These datasets contain generated 3-parameter data that represents cells in progression or maturation. For each parameter, there is a change of intensity associated with the imaginary progression. One piece of information is provided: that the intensity of parameter 1 increases as a function of progression. With this information, the intensity changes for parameters 2 and 3 can be determined. The analysis goal is to identify the events in each of the 3 levels of intensity for each of the 3 parameters.

We ran a contest at Cyto2011 to see how accurately participants could analyze these files with hand-drawn regions. Click to see the results of that experiment.

Download Dataset 1
includes 10 data files, the "truth" values for each one, an example gating setup, and instructions.