27 Dec 2022

GemStone 2.1 for Windows or Mac
Announcing GemStone 2.1, a significant free update for GemStone 2 users. This version fixes the bugs reported on 2.0 and adds new functionality, too. We've completely upgraded the user experience with friendly wizards, clean pages, and beautiful graphics. Setting up objective, automated analysis is a breeze - you'll never want to go back to gating. Cen-se' plots work hand in hand with GemStone's probability state modeling to identify and label cell types and subsets. And right now we've got special limited-time pricing, so don't delay! Find out more...

9 Nov 2022

WinList 10.1 is now available
The latest update for WinList, with enhancements to make your experience more productive. WinList 10.1 fixes every problem reported against 10.0, and adds enhancements for quantitation, auto-positioning regions, and high-DPI monitor support. These improvements are on top of WinList 10.0, which includes Cen-se' dimensionality reduction to explore the populations in your samples. Reports draw much faster and without interrupting your workflow. N-Color™ compensation has been tuned-up for high-dimensional data files from Fluidigm, Cytek, and BD. We've improved sticky regions and contour regions and beefed-up the ability to work with very large data files. And as usual, we've kept our pricing well ahead of the competition! Find out more...

25 Aug 2022

Announcing ModFit LT 6.0
We are delighted to announce the release of ModFit LT 6.0, with versions for Windows 10+ and MacOS. This version is packed with usability enhancements and improvements for the lastest OS on your favorite platforms. The competition just can't compete. Find out more...

1 Jun 2022

There is a new ModFit LT application example showing how the cell cycle of yeast can be modeled. Download it here.

15 Mar 2022

Our webinar on Merging Files and Cen-se' Analysis in WinList is available for viewing on the WinList page and our YouTube channel. There is also a WinList bundle to go along with the webinar available on the application examples page.

11 Feb 2022

New application examples are available!
We've added a page with ready-to-use application examples for GemStone, WinList, and ModFit LT to help get you up and running. Check it out here and check back often to find new additions.

25 Aug 2021

Announcing WinList 10.0 for Windows!
We have just dropped the latest update for WinList, with enhancements to make your experience more productive. WinList 10 includes the Cen-se' dimensionality reduction to explore the populations in your samples. Reports draw much faster and without interrupting your workflow. N-Color™ compensation has been tuned-up for high-dimensional data files from Fluidigm, Cytek, and BD. We've improved sticky regions and contour regions and beefed-up the ability to work with very large data files. And as usual, we've kept our pricing well ahead of the competition! Find out more...

2 Jul 2021

If you've been looking for videos to explain Cen-se, contour regions, or N-Color compensation in WinList, we can point you in the right direction. We've added 3 new WinList videos this month to get you off on the right foot. You'll find them on the WinList page.

9 Apr 2021

Learn all about batch processing with GemStone in our latest webinar presented by Beth Hill. And catch all of the GemStone videos on the GemStone page.

26 Feb 2021

We have posted the latest GemStone 2.0 webinar "Cen-se and Summary Map: Normals, Abnormals, and Unknowns" presented by Beth Hill. Take a deep dive into these great tools available in GemStone! Let's get started today!.

11 Aug 2020

Watch the GemStone 2.0 webinar "TriCOM: Exploring and Enumerating Novel, Activation, and Unknown Markers" presented by Beth Hill. Are you ready to put GemStone 2.0 into your lab? We're ready to help.

10 Jun 2020

Thank you to our friends at Cytek Biosciences for hosting a webinar featuring GemStone 2.0 analyzing a 33-color Aurora data set. Watch Beth Hill's presentation on how GemStone tackles this challenge. And when you're ready to put GemStone 2.0 into your lab, we're here to help.

22 Jan 2020

GemStone 2.0 is here and it's loaded with new features!
We've completely upgraded the user experience with friendly wizards, clean pages, and beautiful graphics. Setting up objective, automated analysis is a breeze - you'll never want to go back to gating. Cen-se' plots work hand in hand with GemStone's probability state modeling to identify and label cell types and subsets. And right now we've got special limited-time pricing, so don't delay! Find out more...

6 Jan 2020

Congrats to our friends at Fluidigm for winning the Life Science Industry Awards Best New Product - Cell Biology for the Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling System! Pathsetter software is a customized version of GemStone optimized for the kit, providing a turnkey solution for high-dimensional mass-cytometry analysis.

1 Jul 2019

VSH is pleased to announce that our European patent application for Probability State Modeling (PSM) has been granted. PSM is the technology used in our GemStone software to model populations without gates, using a stochastic selection of events based on probabilities of inclusion. (US Patent 7,653,509 and European Patent EP2183681)

1 Apr 2019

We just wrapped up an exciting project with our friends at Fluidigm to bring you Pathsetter software as part of a new Fluidigm kit offering. Pathsetter is a customized version of GemStone that is optimized for Fluidigm's data and works as a turnkey solution for high-dimensional cytometry analysis.

15 Aug 2018

Chris Bray is co-author on a new publication on using statistical modeling for QC in Biotechnology Progress, the journal of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. The paper describes the use of ModFit LT as a QC tool for production of cell lines.

7 Mar 2017

ModFit LT 5.0 is here and you can get your copy today.
There's a clean, new interface to put your most-used tools in easy reach. The Cell-Tracking wizard has been enhanced and includes additional statistics. And we've got great pricing on primary licenses, additional seats, and updates. Details here.

9 Nov 2016

Congratulations to Bruce Bagwell on the publication of a new paper on VLog in Cytometry. This great new transform appears in WinList 9.0 and upcoming versions of GemStone and ModFit LT.

27 Oct 2016

Congratulations to Uma Sriram, Ph. D. of Temple University and our own Beth Hill, Ph. D. on the publication of their paper "Impaired Subset Progression and Polyfunctionality of T Cells in Mice Exposed to Methamphetamine during Chronic LCMV Infection". The study made extensive use of GemStone to analyze T cell activation with TriCom. Read the paper online at PLOS-One.

11 Aug 2016

WinList 9.0 is here and it's the best WinList yet!
We've added great new enhancements like integrated t-SNE clustering and sticky regions to super-charge your analysis. And we've got great pricing on primary licenses, additional seats, and updates. Details here.

18 Jan 2016

Announcing V-Comp 1.0 for Mac and PC!
Yes, at long last you have a cross-platform, automated solution to your fluorescence compensation problems. No gates, no fuss - just the best compensation ever at a price that will make you smile. Check it out.

2 Jun 2015

Two important new papers have just been published online by members of the VSH team. Check out the Publications page for links to them online.

29 Apr 2015

We've just added five (yes, that's 5!) new GemStone videos to our YouTube channel. Bruce and Ben take us through in-depth examples of how to build T-Cell and B-Cell models quickly and easily.

23 Apr 2015

Buying online just got even better. Not only do you get an instant download, but you also save the costs of shipping and media!
Still want a program CD? No problem. You can purchase the media for your favorite apps by contacting us at .

27 Mar 2015

Congratulations to our long-time Sales Manager, Mark Munson, on his retirement. Mark served on the Verity Software House team for 20 years running the sales team, exhibiting at conferences, training our customers, and getting to know so many of you in the flow cytometry world. We hope you'll join us in wishing Mark the very best for many happy years of doing whatever he feels like doing.

24 Nov 2014

We've just posted 4 new YouTube videos for WinList 8.0 to get you up and running. Check them out on the Videos page or on our YouTube channel .

20 Oct 2014

The sales team is offering a special deal on WinList 8.0 updates through the end of November, 2014. If you haven't updated yet, this is your chance to save on this feature-packed, new version. Contact the sales team for details.

29 Aug 2014

ModFit LT 4.1 is now available as a free update for registered users of ModFit LT 4.0. Use the "Check for Updates" option in the Help menu to download and install the update, or visit the Updates page to download it directly.

9 May 2014

We're in the last stages of testing for ModFit LT 4.1, and the new user guide is already available online! This version of the user guide is mobile and tablet-friendly, so you can catch up on the latest new stuff anywhere!

28 Apr 2014

We've posted PDF versions of several posters that will appear at the Cyto 2014 meeting in May, 2014. Check them out on our Publications page.

19 Mar 2014

WinList 8.0 has arrived! This is a feature-packed update with a snazzy new interface, beautiful overlay graphics, and V-Comp™ automated compensation built-in. As usual, we have put this new version through our torture-tests (so you don't have to), and packed it with improvements and fixes. You're going to love it.

17 Mar 2014

WinList 8.0 is almost here, and you can be the first in your neighborhood to try it out! The new trial version is available on the web site so that you can get started with it right away. The trial version will run for 30-days before it needs to be registered (and it turns into a WinList Reader if it isn't registered).

06 Feb 2014

So what's so special about the new WinList 8.0 User Guide, you ask? Well, check it out with your tablet or smartphone and you'll see. Our snazzy new formatting will automatically adjust to the device you view it on. So you can read up on WinList anywhere, from any device, any time. In fact, we've rebuilt the user guides for GemStone and ModFit LT using the same any-device format. Boom.

6 Jan 2014

Don't take our word for it - check out WinList and ModFit LT testimonials from your peers and to find out what you've been missing!

03 Jan 2014

Happy New Year! In between the snow storms, ice storms, and frigid temps of December, we've been busily wrapping up our efforts on WinList 8.0. One feature left to polish off, we're in preliminary QC testing. Look for it soon.

7 Oct 2013

We've posted a new YouTube video introducing Verity Comp - a new and automatic approach to software compensation. In about 3 minutes, Ben explains how this innovative approach is implemented in the upcoming WinList 8.0.

23 Sep 2013

Two new papers exploring the use of GemStone™ have been published recently. The first explores memory CD8 T-cells differentiation and the second shows how GemStone can automate the analysis of fetal maternal hemorrhage. Visit the Publications page to for more info.


GemStone licensing is now offered in a per-computer licensing plan, and we will be offering a network version in the near future. The online store features the new licensing options. The "battery-based" license is still available through our sales department.

22 May 2013

We've posted a significant update for GemStone, free to our current GemStone users. Version 1.0.75 provides lots of new functionality and has been fully tested by our QC team here. Visit the Updates page to download. Trial versions can be found here.


We look forward to seeing you at the Cyto 2013 meeting in San Diego starting May 17. Stop by booth 402 and say hi to Beth, Chris, Mark, and Bruce. We're also running a commercial on Wednesday, May 22, at 12:15 in Room 30AB on the Upper Level. See you there!

16 May 2013

Bruce and Ben are back at it again! This time, they're helping us understand how the dot plots we're so familiar with in flow cytometry relate to GemStone's "expression profile" plots. It's on the Videos page, so have a look.


ModFit LT 4.0 is here and it's packed with great, new features. We have streamlined listmode gating, added parameter zooming, and dressed up the graphics, to name just a few. ModFit LT 4.0 will show off your analysis even better than previous versions. Check out the full list of new features here, and visit the ModFit LT section to buy or upgrade.

5 Feb 2013

Just back from a great meeting of the NY Metro users group at NYU. Beth and Mark presented a GemStone seminar at Feinstein Institute and Sloane-Kettering that generated lots of interest. Let the modeling begin!

29 Nov 2012

We are delighted to announce the addition of Beth Hill, Ph.D., to the Verity team! Beth is our new Applications Specialist, working with clients to develop solutions to their needs. She is putting her extensive background to good use, focusing on new and innovative uses of GemStone's exciting capabilities.
Welcome, Beth!

29 Oct 2012

Chris and Beth have put together an introductory video for Probability State Modeling that you'll love. There's even a game that you can play at home!

22 Aug 2012

Two new GemStone papers appear in the September, 2012 issue of Cytometry Part B. The first tackles the automated analysis of GPI-deficient leukocytes as part of a PNH analysis. The second focuses on automating the detection and quantification of CD34+ stem cells. Both papers include supplemental videos so that you can watch GemStone in action!

7 Feb 2012

WinList 7.1 is here! Check out the great new features and updates in this new version. It's a free download for registered users of WinList 7.0!

28 Sep 2011

Bruce Bagwell's GLIIFCA talk on accuracy of DNA analysis is available for download. Bruce explains some recent improvements in GemStone modeling that radically improve analysis of continuums.

28 Sep 2011

Dr. David Miller's talk on Automating PNH Analysis is available for download. This is an interesting look at automating PNH analysis using GemStone modeling and automation features.

27 Jul 2011

A new minor version of ModFit LT has been release. This is a free download for registered users of ModFit LT 3.0.

20 Jun 2011

We've posted Bruce's talk from the 2011 Research Course in Flow Cytometry.

7 Jun 2011

We've created a new subweb for the Accuracy Initiative. Our goal is to provide tools and datasets to assist manufacturers and cytometrists to assess and improve accuracy in data analysis.

3 Jun 2011

It's always busy at the Verity booth, and Cyto2011 was no exception. Lot's of interest in GemStone and the new version of WinList 7.0.
Take a look at the Rate Your Gate contest: it's a fun challenge that led to some pretty interesting conversations about how we cytometrists typically analyze data.

1 Jun 2011

Did you miss us at Cyto2011? There were some interesting posters presenting novel uses of GemStone. Automated analysis was the theme, and there were examples presented for PNH detection, stem cells enumeration, B-cells and T-cells. Have a look.

2 Dec 2010

Have you seen the new auto-analysis capability of GemStone? Take a look at this B-Cell analysis. It's amazing.

2 Dec 2010

We've posted notes of Bruce's recent lecture, The Cytometry Game.

2 Dec 2010

WinList 7.0 is here! Check out the great new features and updates in this new version, as well as the new update options and new pricing.

17 May 2010

Some of the GemStone poster presentations from the Cyto 2010 meeting are now available online. Click here to see these and other publications.

14 May 2010

Just back from a fabulous meeting at Cyto 2010 in Seattle. Great science, great friends, great food - that's tough to beat.

30 Apr 2010

Our friend Sam has created some great new T-Cell models with GemStone, and you can explore them with Bruce and Ben in a new YouTube movie. "Sam's T-Cell Analyses" shows how easy it is to get started with a complex analysis, and we end up with 33 correlated parameters on a single overlay plot. Watch it now on YouTube.

9 Apr 2010

A new GemStone video series has been posted on our YouTube channel. "GemStone's Heat Map" provides an in-depth look at a fantastic new tool for looking at rare event populations. Check it out on our video page.

5 Mar 2010

The latest build of GemStone, 1.0.38, has been released and is available for download. This update is packed with great new features, including Heat Maps and Surface graphics. Visit the Updates page to download.

10 Feb 2010

The next GemStone Training will be held at our offices in Topsham, ME on April 13-14. Contact to reserve a spot.

10 Feb 2010

Congratulations to our friends at iCyt on becoming part of the Sony Group. We look forward to seeing even more great instrumentation from this innovative group.

4 Feb 2010

We are pleased to announce that our Probability State Model technology is now patented in the U.S. This is the core technology behind GemStone, the innovative software that is changing the way we think about data analysis in flow cytometry.

4 Sep 2009

Visit the GemStone Model Library for examples and user-contributed models for GemStone.

6 Nov 2009

We've made it easier for you to share information on There is a "share" tool at the top of each page, with connections to Facebook, Twitter, Digg and more. Give it a try.

4 Sep 2009

There's a great new GemStone video that we've posted on YouTube.
Check out Sam's B-Cell Model with GemStone, hosted by Bruce and Ben.

21 Aug 2009

It's here: GemStone 1.0. After years of development and testing, GemStone is now available and ready to change your world as a cytometrist.

20 Aug 2009

The official GemStone 1.0 User Guide has been added to the Documentation area of the site, featuring detailed tutorials and overviews.

16 Jun 2009

Hey, the website has a brand new look! Yes, it's been completely redesigned - top to bottom. And coming in early July - an online store. You'll be able to buy online and download your favorite software products 24/7/365.

9 Apr 2009

Check out the latest intro to GemStone - it's a mystery that you can help solve!
GemStone - Necklaces in a Cell.

13 Mar 2009

We have relocated our web site hosting to improve our services. The change-over was made on Friday, 13 Mar 2009, at 4PM EDT. We apologize for any disruptions in service that may occur while internet name servers update to our new address.

13 Feb 2009

Our video tutorials are now in Flash Player format to provide a better viewing experience. You can watch these on any PC or Mac with Flash Player installed, or download the movies for offline viewing. Check the Videos page for a complete listing.

5 Nov 2008

We have transitioned our internet services to a new, high speed connection to provide faster, more reliable service to our valued friends in the cytometry community.

24 Oct 2008

This afternoon, we will be changing our internet service provider to increase our bandwidth.  This may cause some temporary connection issues on our web site and email.  We apologize in advance for this inconvenience.  We expect our new connection to provide faster, more reliable service to our valued friends in the cytometry community.

7 Jul 2008

ModFit LT 3.2 is now available!  This version has been updated to be fully compatible with Windows Vista and with Macintosh OSX.  And here's some great news: it's a free download for registered ModFit LT 3.0 and 3.1 users! 
Click here to download your update now.

7 Jul 2008

The Rule-Based Training system for ModFit LT is now available to registered ModFit LT 3.0 users as a free download!  This training program is based on the strategies developed in a multi-user study to provide consistent analysis results from user to user, and lab to lab.  Registered ModFit LT users, click here to download now.

27 May 2008

We're back from a fabulous ISAC Congress in Budapest, Hungary, happy to see so many of you at the booth.  It's hard to count how many GemStone demos we did. Great to see so many folks interested in this new approach to cytometry.   If you weren't in Budapest, don't worry.  You can see many of the demos we did by checking out the GemStone videos section.

17 Apr 2008

Interested in Super Enhanced D-Value?  Check out the new PDFs available in the Publications section.  There are articles on the mathematics of SED as well as how it compares with other histogram subtraction techniques.

8 Apr 2008

Check out the new GemStone presentations you can download.  We've created a series of narrated PowerPoints to introduce the technology that is changing the face of Flow Cytometry...

28 Sep 2007

You've heard the rumors: Verity has a new program in the pipeline that revolutionizes flow cytometry analysis. 
It's true, and its name is GemStone.  Click here to get a sneak preview of this ground-breaking product and what it can do for you.

2 Apr 2007

Our web site has been redesigned to make it easier to navigate and to provide more information about our products.  Let us know what you think.

22 Mar 2007

Check out the latest "quick" video on how to register your software.  It's less than a minute - quick and painless!  Click here to watch.

3 Jan 2007

Learn how to create Boolean gates in just 30 seconds!  This quick video tutorial shows how quick and easy it is to create sophisticated gate expressions with just a few clicks of the mouse.  Click here to see the video...

7 Dec 2006

Introducing a new video series to give you a quick look at how use key features in WinList 6.0.  These movies are less than a minute long, and yet they provide a great introduction to some of the tools that really make your job easier!  The first two are available now: Cascade Gating in 30 Seconds and Adding Results to a Database in 30 Seconds. And don't forget to check out the in-depth video tutorials for WinList 6.0, too.

28 Sep 2006

Want to give WinList 6.0 a test run?  Download the trial version and you can do just that!  See why everyone is talking about the great new features of WinList 6.0.

28 Sep 2006

Ready to update to WinList 6.0?  Our expected shipping date is October 30th.  Registered users of earlier versions can download the WinList 6.0 Update Form to order an update today!  Click here to view or download the PDF.

25 Sep 2006

Summer is over in Maine, and with the new season comes a new version of WinList!  Yes, WinList 6.0 is ready to knock your socks off with fabulous new features, great improvements in the user interface, and even better performance! Take a look at some of the new streaming videos to get a look at this great new version.

25 May 2006

It was great to visit with many of you at the recent ISAC Congress in Quebec for one of the best meetings we've seen in some time.  Great presentations, discussions, and of course a wonderful city!  If we missed you at the meeting, be sure to check out the latest streaming video previews of the upcoming WinList 6.0 release.  Great enhancements to the user interface and powerful new features keep WinList at the top of the pack!

12 May 2006

Want a sneak peek at the exciting, new, remote cytometry features in WinList 6.0?  Take a look at this streaming video introduction of this new functionality that will be shown at the ISAC Congress in Quebec.

15 Apr 2006

Preparations are under way for the unveiling of WinList 6.0 at the upcoming ISAC Congress in Quebec.  Fabulous new features and exciting partnerships are sure to make WinList the buzz of the meeting!

15 Apr 2006

Just to show how serious we are at Verity, we've updated our photo page...

10 Jan 2006

Check out some of the exciting new features coming soon in WinList 6.0!  Great new tools and improved usability make this the best version of this flow cytometry workhorse application! 

14 Oct 2005

The 29th Annual Course in Flow Cytometry is now taking registration inquiries!  This course will be held 10-16 June, 2006, on the beautiful campus of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.  Click here for more details.

23 Sep 2005

Available Now for Download: ModFit LT 3.1 Service Pack 3
This is a great update for all registered ModFit LT 3.0 users that provides support for high-resolution data files from Becton Dickinson Diva instruments and multi-dataset files from Beckman Coulter FC-500 cytometers.
Visit the Members area to check for updates for all of your Verity products. 

9 Aug 2005

New trial versions of QuantiCALC 1.2 for Mac and QuantiCALC 1.2 for Windows are now available for download.  This version is packed with the new features you need to automate your quantitative flow cytometry analysis!  If you already own QuantiCALC, you can download the latest service pack to update at no cost.

6 Jul 2005

We have posted Dr. Bruce Bagwell's lecture from the Annual Course in Flow Cytometry held at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in June, 2005.  "The HyperLog Transformation for Compensated Data" focuses on whether or not we should color compensate flow cytometry data, and how the HyperLogTM transform can help understand compensated data.

1 Jun 2005

Are you looking for a great way to view and present 3 correlated parameters in a 3D volume?   Check out WinList 3D version for revolutionary ways to display 2P and 3P data!

25 Mar 2005

Be sure to check out the peer-reviewed article on the HyperLogTM transform, authored by Bruce Bagwell and published in the March, 2005 Cytometry journal.

23 Feb 2005

We've created a new, searchable Knowledge Base of all sorts of good info about our products to help you find answers to problems quickly.  Check out the new search form on the support page.

14 Feb 2005

Take a look at the new streaming video demo of WinList's support for high-resolution FCS data files.  It's easy to see why WinList remains the leader in flow cytometry data analysis!

1 Feb 2005

Check out the new "Using FCOM for Subset Analysis" PDF and see how easy it is to use the incredibly powerful tool in WinList.

7 Jan 2005

Act now to receive a special promotion for orders on all software products.  See the Pricing page for the promo code.

5 Nov 2004

Great to see so many of you at the CCS meeting in Long Beach recently!  It was a great venue for sharing ideas and showing off the latest versions of ModFit and WinList. 

22 Sep 2004

The online registration system is now automatic!  Get your program unlock code emailed to you right away.

9 Jun 2004

We've posted notes from several recent lectures in the new Presentations section.  Bruce Bagwell's Compensation Basics talk from ISAC XXII, and the Breast CA Prognosis lecture from the 2004 Annual Flow Course at Bowdoin College are online.

13 Apr 2004

Take a look a our latest introductory videos.  We've created some quick-and-easy demonstrations to show you how WinList, ModFit LT, and QuantiCALC can make your job easier!

19 Mar 2004

We have a busy Spring conference schedule with the upcoming AACR conference in Orlando, Experiment Biology in Washington, and ISAC meeting in Montpellier, France.  Check the Meetings and Events calendar for details.

17 Mar 2004

We've just updated our internet and firewall systems here at Verity, so please let us know if you have problems with any aspects of the web site.

14 Jan 2004

A new service pack for ModFit LT 3.0 and 3.1 is now available at no charge for ModFit 3.0 registered users.   Visit the Updates page to download the latest features.

14 Jan 2004

The new trial versions of WinList, ModFit LT, and QuantiCALC are here!  Download and install the latest demos of these great applications for free.  You can even buy "software batteries" to make them full-working versions!

16 Dec 2003

WinList 5.0 Service Pack 4 is now available!  This service pack for Mac and PC versions is packed with new features, and best of all, it's free for registered WinList 5.0 users!  Check out the new HyperLog(tm) display, improved batch processing, trig functions, and full support for 32-bit data files.   Visit the Updates page to download SP4 right now!

4 Dec 2003

Check out the new WinList 5.0 Online Help.  This is the latest and greatest edition of the WinList user manual containing documentation for all the features available in soon-to-be-released Service Pack 4.

4 Dec 2003

Click here to see the new features and fixes in WinList 5.0 SP4.  This service pack will be available for the Mac and PC in mid-December, so check back soon!

29 Sep 2003

A new tech note describes the user account permissions required for various operations performed by Verity Software House applications.  Check it out today.

11 Jul 2003

We've just upgraded our web server to provide faster response, better content, and more powerful streaming video services!

30 Jun 2003

ModFit LT 3.1 Service Pack 1 patch is now available for registered users of version 3.0.  Great new features make this a must for ModFit customers!  See ModFit LT Updates section for more details.

5 May 2003

Get a preview of fabulous new possibilities for cell proliferation analysis!  
Members of the Pre-release program can do this today!

31 Mar 2003

The latest revision of the WinList 5.0 documentation is now available online and for download.

20 Mar 2003

WinList Version 5.0 Service Pack 3™ patch is now available for registered 5.0 users..  Check the Updates section for details.

14 Feb 2003

Preview a new peer-reviewed article appearing soon in the Cytometry journal, "Effects of Resolution Reduction on Data Analysis." 

31 Dec 2002

Check out the new section on Publications.  You'll find white papers and lecture notes, as well as listings of some of the peer-reviewed research Verity has participated in.

15 Dec 2002

Take a look at the User Forum to see what other users are talking about.  While you are there, share your opinion with us!

2 Oct 2002

A new, free download is available for a Flow Cytometer Simulator, so you can get to know how instruments work without spilling a drop of reagent!  We designed this for use in the 2002 Bowdoin Flow Course, and the participants liked it so much that we just had to make it available to everyone!

11 Sep 2002

We'll be exhibiting at lots of conferences this fall, showing off the great new versions of Verity's software products!  Check out the Meetings and Events calendar for details.

27 Jun 2002

The Annual Course in Flow Cytometry finished up in grand form in mid-June.  After a week of great lectures, labs, food, and networking, the week ended with a great lobster bake.  Next year's course will be held at Los Alamos National Labs.

13 May 2002

It was great to see so many familiar faces at the ISAC Congress in San Diego.  Thanks for sharing our enthusiasm for the great new features in WinList and ModFit LT!

10 Apr 2002

We've created a brand new video to demonstrate some flashy new features of WinList.  We've beefed up the N-Color Compensation™ system and added a new "normalization" feature that you have to see.  Take a look!

28 Mar 2002

Toll-free phone access is now available to our customers within the U.S.  Call 877.729.6767 when you need to talk to us on the phone.  It's free!

28 Mar 2002

Now there's a way for our registered users to participate in testing Pre-Release versions of our software.  Be part of the team that shapes the evolution of the software you use everyday!  Go to the Members section and click the "Join the Pre-Release Program" link.

12 Mar 2002

We are pleased to introduce the Verity User Forum.  This discussion group is dedicated to Verity customers who are looking for customer-based solutions and feedback.  Try it out today!

12 Mar 2002

A new form has been added to get tech support help even faster!  When you need help, try Help Me, Please for the quickest tech response!

11 Feb 2002

Brand new videos show off the exciting features of WinList N-Color compensation and its new regions.

5 Dec 2001

WinList Version 5.0 Service Pack 2™ patch is now available for registered 5.0 users..  Check the Updates section for details.

5 Dec 2001

A new version of the User Guide for WinList 5.0 is now available online and for download.

5 Dec 2001

Are we visiting your area for a conference soon?  Check out the Meetings and Events page to find out.

21 Nov 2001

Check out the new preview movies for the ModFit LT Rule-Based Training system!

19 Nov 2001

Ask for our new Demo CD to check out the latest versions of Verity Software House products!

6 Nov 2001

New email addresses get your questions to the right folks at Verity fast!  See the Contacts page for details.

6 Nov 2001

Come see us in Booth 101 at the 16th Annual Clinical Applications of Cytometry meeting in Orlando.

2 Oct 2001

Read the latest edition of the User Guide for ModFit LT 3.1 online, or download it today!  

27 Sep 2001

ModFit LT Version 3.1™ is available for download.  Registered users of version 3.0 can update free of charge by downloading and applying a patch.  See the Updates section for details. 

21 Sep 2001

Verity product pricing is now online!  Check out the great values. 

18 Sep 2001

QuantiCALC pricing has been reduced!  Make the jump into quantitative cytometry today! 

23 Aug 2001

WinList Version 5.0 Service Pack 1™ patch is now available for registered 5.0 users..  Check the Updates section for details.

20 Aug 2001

ModFit LT™  Version 3.1 will be available in late September, 2001.

20 Aug 2001

ModFit LT Rule-Based Training System ™ is shipping in late September, 2001.  

15 Aug 2001

Video Tutorials for ModFit LT, QuantiCALC, and WinList videos are now available on CD and from our new Video Web page.  See Tutorials for more.