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All downloads are Zip files containing the files for the video.

To view the video, extract the content to a folder on your computer. Then open the html file in that folder with your browser to view the video.

GemStone Tutorials


Auto Analysis of B-Cells 48.6 MB
Sam's T-Cell Analyses 12.3 MB
GemStone Heat Map Part I 10.4 MB
GemStone Heat Map Part 2 14.8 MB
Sam's B-Cell Model 15.5 MB
GemStone - A New Analysis Paradigm 8.0 MB
Music Analogy 4.2 MB
Tracking Dyes 4.0 MB
What Is A Probability State Model? 5.0 MB
How Does It Work? 18.5 MB
B-Cell Lineage Medley 5.4 MB

WinList Tutorials


WinList Basics 7.5 MB
Cascade Gating 9.9 MB
N-Color Compensation TM 9.2 MB
Immunophenotyping with FCOM 6.3 MB
Enhanced Proliferation Analysis 13.2 MB
Auto Positioning Regions 7.5 MB

ModFit LT Tutorials


Auto Analysis 4.0 MB
Manual Analysis 5.0 MB
Proliferation Wizard 6.9 MB
Synchronization Wizard 8.0 MB
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